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As any-media artist I live on the cutting edge of art, media and idealism. In my opinion, art offers an inexhaustible resource of communication possibilities. Therefore I experience an immense freedom of creativity, which causes me to find great challenges in rendering new combinations of media and points of view, and exploring the possibilities of communication and their effect on audiences and spectators.

Working and traveling in Africa and South America awakened my deep respect for indigenous cultures, life and the entire organism of living nature, of which we all are part. Adding to this, I’ve been extremely lucky to have found a deeper understanding of the inner beauty of life and our connectedness with ‘all’, thanks to several powerful shamanic and entheogenic practices from the Amazon rainforest and the amazing Bwiti cult of Gabon.

There’s no doubt that much of my work is influenced by the impressions I’ve got from these wonderful people, my travels and experiences. I hope to express a glimpse of this through my art and bring it into your consciousness.

On this site my recent projects, examples of my work and upcoming events. And of course you have the possibility to buy my
works of art.

And please check my project:
8 Visions of Hope; where art meets the UN Millennium Development Goals’.

Rini Hartman, 2010
The Netherlands

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The most important things
are not things..

‘His inspired work testifies his strong belief in the power of art to challenge society's deepest assumptions and spark new ideas.’

some solo exhibitionS


Museum of the
National Bank of Belgium
Brussels, Belgium

Kragerø Bedehus

Kragerø, Norway

UNESCO Headquarters

Paris, France

De Baak - Driebergen,
The Netherlands

RAI - Amsterdam

Group exhibition


Gallery Weesperzijde



The Yawanawa’s

Money’s Illusion

8 Visions of Hope


Art for Social Change

OIL; at What Cost?