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We’re all in the same boat
(MDG7. Ensure environmental sustainability)

"Close to the border of Liberia in Western Africa there is a paradisiacal island called Tiwai. Tiwai Island is a wildlife sanctuary and a biodiversity hot spot and is a good example for the rest of Africa. This beautiful island has an overwhelming richness of plants and animals, like nineteen different types of primates, over 135 different species of birds and the extremely rare and famous pygmy hippo.

While we were making a boat trip on the Moa river around the island, a man crossed our boat with his canoe. We all wondered how on earth it was possible that his wacky canoe kept floating. The man seems quite unaware about our wondering and paddled quietly and undisturbed across the river. While I saw him slowly disappearing out of our sight he reminds me of something......;  ‘That we're all on the same boat.....’"

Giclée on canvas (framed)
150 x 50 x 4 cm                           € 1.260,-*
Giclée on canvas only               € 1.100,-*
(recommended for shipments
outside the Netherlands)

Giclée on paper
85 x 40 cm                                   €   230,-*

(no frame, for other wishes
price on request)

*prices July 2009, excl. 6% VAT & costs of shipment

The production technique is Giclée-print, a museum quality print technique. The ink is water based, the canvas is acid-free and the frames are made of durable FSC-wood.

Each work of art is numbered, hand signed and will be delivered with a certification signed by the artist and the print master. Both the canvas and paper edition are limited editions of 189 each. The digital original is created in 2008.