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Mothers blessing
(MDG5. Improve maternal health)

“A late afternoon in Laka, a little village near Freetown, Sierra Leone's capital. It was mid February and the weather was extremely hot. While I walked on a small sandy road I passed a young African girl and her little child. They were sitting in the shadow of a huge palm tree.
In Africa I always kept wondering about the young mothers. This girl was no exception and still looked a child by herself, she hardly could be older then 15 years old. Unconsciously my Northern-Western hemisphere thoughts came up: 'How could such a young girl be a good mother?'

Like if she could read my mind, the girl put her right hand on her child's face and I was deeply touched with what I saw; her caring and blessing expression of mother's love.”

“BTW, the title of this work is inspired by The Mother's Blessing Ceremony, originates from the Navajo people. It is a very positive ritual, affirming that a woman will have a natural and beautiful birth experience. The ceremony marks a woman's rite of passage. It is a ceremony of empowerment near the time of birthing.
Within a circle of friends in a quiet, gentle, spiritual ceremony, those
attending will celebrate sisterhood, welcome a new baby to earth and
honor mother, birth life and rebirth.”

Giclée on canvas (framed)
150 x 50 x 4 cm                          €   950,-*
Giclée on canvas only              €   800,-*
(recommended for shipments
outside the Netherlands)

Giclée on paper
85 x 30 cm                                   € 180,-*

(no frame, for other wishes
price on request)

*prices July 2009, excl. 6% VAT & costs of shipment

The production technique is Giclée-print, a museum quality print technique. The ink is water based, the canvas is acid-free and the frames are made of durable FSC-wood. Each work of art is numbered, hand signed and will be delivered with a certification signed by the artist and the print master. Both the canvas and paper edition are limited editions of 189 each. The digital original is created in 2008.