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Back to school bliss
(MDG2. Ensure that all boys & girls complete primary education)

“Coming from the World Social Forum in Nairobi, Kenya, our bus made a short stop on our way to Masaai Mara. At the place where the driver parked the bus there were two little boys, sitting on the street while having a lively conversation.

After a few minutes they jumped up and passed our bus. Wondering where they were going to, I curiously kept watching them. After they passed me I saw a very well-known text on the back pack of the boy on the right. The three words where very clear to me and gave me a slightly happy feeling. It seems that they were going 'Back to School'.”

Giclée on canvas (framed)
100 x 100 x 4 cm                         € 1.200,-*
Giclée on canvas (no frame)     € 1.000,-*
(recommended for shipments
outside the Netherlands)

Giclée on paper 
50 x 50 cm                                     € 150,-*

(no frame, for other wishes
price on request)

*prices July 2009, excl. 6% VAT & costs of shipment

The production technique is Giclée-print, a museum quality print technique. The ink is water based, the canvas is acid-free and the frames are made of durable FSC-wood.

Each work of art is numbered, hand signed and will be delivered with a certification signed by the artist and the print master. Both the canvas and paper edition are limited editions of 189 each. The digital original is created in 2008.