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Shared fruits should be televised
(MDG1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger)

”In present time, when we turn on to the news networks on television, we almost get overwhelmed by the ongoing news flood about hunger, poverty and despair. Within the metaphysical thinking that everything we give attention to will grow, I strongly believe that we need to share more images and visions of hope, love and prosperity in our media. Like this image of this little West African boy, happily sitting in a tree while eating his juicy mango.

Unseen here is that, after I showed him the back of my camera with his digital image on the screen, he stretched one of his hands. And with his blinking white teeth and twinkling eyes he generously offered me one of his fruits....”

Giclée on canvas (framed)
100 x 100 x 4 cm                         € 1.200,-*
Giclée on canvas (no frame)     € 1.000,-*
(recommended for shipments
outside the Netherlands)

Giclée on paper
50 x 50 cm                                     € 150,-*

(no frame, for other wishes
price on request)

*prices July 2009, excl. 6% VAT & costs of shipment

The production technique is Giclée-print, a museum quality print technique. The ink is water based, the canvas is acid-free and the frames are made of durable FSC-wood.

Each work of art is numbered, hand signed and will be delivered with a certification signed by the artist and the print master. Both the canvas and paper edition are limited editions of 189 each. The digital original is created in 2008.