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8 Visions of Hope is a series of works on canvas. Each of these eight works of art is connected to one of the UN Millennium Development Goals.

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I’ve created this project to find an artistic and innovative way to connect a wider audience with the MDGs and to support artists in the South with knowledge and skills.

Creative process
The technique I’ve used is mixed media. Six of these works are based on photographs I’ve taken in Africa or South America and two works are based on a 3D-composition I’ve made in my studio. With specialized algorithmic software I went with these photographs in an extensive process until the outcome resonated with my inner artistic and aesthetic feelings.

Limited editions
Based on the digital originals of these works of art, I’ve created two series of hand signed, numbered and limited editions of 189 each. One series of bigger works on canvas and one series of smaller works on paper. Click on the images for more info.

The production technique is Giclée-print, a very high and museum quality print technique. The ink is water based, the canvas is acid-free and the frames are made of durable FSC-wood.

Artistic investment
The profits of these works of art will be invested in the development of art workshops, master classes and art projects where local artists and musicians in the South will learn to develop themselves and their work as positive change agents in their communities.

And of course with the Millennium Development Goals as a prominent role.

Click on images for the big picture